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Miracle II products are some of the most amazing products that have ever been presented to mankind. The most Complex mixture of natural minerals and organics that have ever been blended together.

They are 100% natural, High Vibration, Highly Oxygenated, Negatively Charged Supernatural products. Miracle II was perfect when formulated and still is today. You will not see “New and Improved” on any Miracle II products.

I believe Miracle II products are not only free of harmful chemicals and tox-sins but they also contain negatively charged minerals clusters. Each cluster has copious amounts of Oxygen and Hydrogen attached to it. These negatively charged mineral clusters attract and neutralise harmful chemicals and tox-sins already accumulated in oneself. As well as this planet as they go down the drain! Over the last 18+ years I have heard Miracle II users using these products to solve all sorts of their problems and conditions.


  • Know your purchase is supporting several Charities including Smith family and Nature Thrive.
  • One product for all your cleaning and personal needs.
  • Especially formulated for sensitive skins and normal to oily skins.
  • Emits strong negative Ions which have a positive effect on Human plus animal and plant life.
  • Highly Oxygenated.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial anti-fungal and antiseptic.
  • Natural insect pest control.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.

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Go harmful chemical free for 90 days!

Try Miracle II products for 90 days and feel the difference for yourself!

Miracle II products are formulated to be harmful chemical and tox-sin free. This means that Miracle II products:

  • do NOT add harmful substances to your body
  • draw out and neutralise harmful chemicals & tox-sins already accumulated
  • keep working as they go down the drain to do the same for the earth!
  • are high vibration to lift you up and make you feel great!
  • clean out the pores of the skin so it can work correctly as the bodies largest de-tox organ.

IMAGINE a soap that is not only chemical and tox-sin free, but also draws out and neutralises chemicals and tox-sins already accumulated! Then imagine that it kept working as it went down the drain, to do the same for the earth! Now imagine there was one (Neutraliser) for the inside of the body!

Introducing Miracle II Soap and Neutraliser. Take the challenge.


Miracle II Soap


The original soap that started it all.


Use for the whole body, skin and hair and for all your cleaning needs. Naturally concentrated and balanced, simply mix it with water into different strengths for different applications.

For cleaning anything that water will not hurt. Use for your body, whole house, laundry, pets, gardening and agriculture. Natural germ and pest control.

Thousands of people say that one bottle of Miracle II soap will make one of these or a combination of all:

  • 1400L of glass cleaner.

  • 7.5L of dishwashing soap.

  • 400L of car or truck wash.

  • 22-30 loads of cloths wash.

  • 400L of carpet cleaner.

  • 7.5L of oven cleaner.

  • 45L of spot cleaner.

  • 400L of fire ant or wasp spray.

  • 400L of garden spray.

  • 50 shampoos for your cat or dog.


The single soap you need for all cleaning needs.

Miracle II product packs


Get the incredible value for $$

New to Miracle II products? Why not try our value packs – a great introduction to the Miracle II range!

  • Health Starter Pack: Our 3 main products that are ideal for a healthier body.
  • Skin Starter Pack: 5 of our most popular products that are more orientated for transdermal use for the whole body.


Pumps, dispensers and foaming bottles

We searched for the best way to use Miracle II products and found the foaming bottle and lotion pumps. They are the most economical and easy way to use M2 products every day.

  • 450ml Foaming bottle: creates the most luxurious thick foam!
  • 50ml Trigger spray bottle: convenient for travel, fabrics, using neutraliser liquid on the body.
  • Lotion pumps: for 240ml, 650ml and 3.8l (1 us gallon)  bottles.
Foaming pumps


For common deficiencies, starts working immediately.

The modern diet and lifestyle often leaves us deficient in some minerals our bodies need to function efficiently. Nano ionic minerals start working immediately.

  • Ionic Zinc: enhances the immune system.
  • Ionic Magnesium:  helps to activate over 350 different biochemical processes.
  • Ionic Potassium: enhances the transmission of nerve impulses and maintaining a regular heart rhythm.
  • De-toxified Iodine (AKA Nascent): assists thyroid function.
Miracle II use


How to use Miracle II products

Regular Soap: Dilute concentrate for appropriate applications and use for washing the whole body (for normal to oily skin and hair), floors, walls, bench tops, dishes, glass, pets, laundry, stoves, ovens, furniture, leather, plastics, cars… anything that water won’t hurt!

Moisturising Soap: For dry to normal skin and hair. Naturally concentrated and balanced, simply mix it into appropriate strength for your body type (i.e. 1 part soap 6 parts water – weaker or stronger for personal choice).

Neutraliser Liquid: The Name says it all. I use this for neutralising tox-sins and synthetic chemicals externally and internally for my self and pets.

Neutraliser Gel: Use undiluted for all skin problems and conditions (including rashes, acne, burns, bites, stings, pain, arthritis, etc.), and as sunscreen, skin toner, hair gel… the list is endless. I believe this is an “emergency room in a bottle”!

Skin Moisturiser: Use on skin and hair. Contains a blend of natural oils and emollients to feed the body and leave the skin looking and feeling baby soft and healthy. Quick absorbing, non greasy lotion is formulated to replace greasy skin creams.

Deodorant Stone: Use after shower – by itself or with Neutraliser liquid or Gel. Actually inhibits the bacteria that cause the odours. Leaves an invisible layer of protection all day. Won’t stain clothes.

Laundry Ball: Leave it in your washing machine, and wash clothes as needed. 3 year replacement guarantee. Doubles as a massage ball.




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