Property and Land Healing

Hello and thank you for contacting Rainbow Toucan Healing Services,

The charge for a Property Healing session is $333.00. This is for up to a 1-acre block with one main residence and two to three smaller buildings/sheds.

I will send through an audio and written report within thirty-six hours once the healing has been completed. This will contain information on what has been done, and what you can do to help support the clearing and also maintain the high vibe of your property.

To Book your healing please click HERE. You will be invoiced separately.


What you will need to do before I can start – 

Provide the full address of the property and a floor plan of all buildings on the property. The floor plan can be hand drawn, if the house is two stories, please provide the upstairs and downstairs floor as a separate drawing. An aerial photo from Google Maps can be advantageous but not necessary. I do not need room or property measurements.

Please provide in writing – your consent for me to facilitate the healing on your behalf, and also any intentions that you would like for the property healing.

For example – to clear negative energy, or a great sale price if selling, more energy if feeling drained at the property.

Please review the details below and let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Geoffrey Williams


General Earth Healing Information

What is a property healing?

A property healing clears areas of dense or negative energy and replaces them with high-frequency energies. Denser energies can be in the form of:


  • Negative ley lines;
  • Geopathic stress on the land;
  • Underground water;
  • EMF and other electronic forces;
  • Psychic energy from past or present occupants; and more

Such influences can cause:


  • Constant ‘bad luck’ on the property;
  • A decline in the mental state of occupants – people becoming depressed or unhappy the more they stay at the residence;
  • Illness;
  • A general sense that something isn’t right there;
  • Paranormal experiences;
  • Inability to sell a property;
  • An increase in volatility or fighting between occupants;
  • Attraction of lower vibrational people to the premises;
  • Reoccurring death of vegetation or wildlife;

Most property healing sessions are conducted remotely for time efficiency but they can also be conducted in person, on the land. I like to set up and initiate the healing 24hrs before I do the healing. Each session takes approximately an hour for a standard unit or suburban house and land (up to an acre in size). Larger properties take longer to heal and therefore incur more costs.

What to expect after a clearing:

The effects of a property healing can be subtle or dramatic depending on what was shifted during the healing session. You may notice things like:


  • A general sense that the property feels lighter or better;
  • Things around the property look more beautiful;
  • Things start to happen at a faster pace;
  • You feel happier spending time there;
  • New opportunities opening up for you and the other occupants;
  • Vegetation growing better on the property;
  • More wildlife spending time there; and/or
  • Physical ailments start to ease up

For properties where the effects have been subtle, it is recommended to wait three months and then assess what has changed over the period.

Property healings raise the vibration of a property. This also has a positive influence on the occupants in that it lifts their vibration when they spend time there. As such, property healings are like energetic healing sessions for the entire household.

Sometimes, a session may cause some disruption around the house while participants are adjusting to the new frequency. When someone’s vibration rises, they need to release old, denser energy that no longer serves them. This could equate to arguments or bad moods for a short, temporary time, while they adjust. After that all the benefits of the healing will become more apparent.

It should be noted that people feel comfortable in an environment where they resonate with the energy there. If, when a property healing has been conducted, people find they no longer enjoy spending time there, it is a sign that they resonate with a lower frequency and do not wish to rise to the new one. If so, they will most likely seek out other places to spend time, or live in, with a similar energy to the property before the healing.

The healing effect also extends to neighbours – you may find that noisy, disruptive, or unfriendly neighbours move out within a few months of your healing session. This is because they don’t like the newer, lighter energy in their vicinity (although, this most likely won’t be a logical thought process for them – they will just start having an urge to move). In a similar vein, property healings are a great way to clear out poor tenants. In a completely non-confrontational manner, they can remove aggressive people, drug dealers/takers, partiers, or the like.

How long do the effects last?

Over time, the effects of the healing will naturally decrease as outside influences such as EMF, underground water running through your property, and psychic debris from you and the other property occupants build up again. Top-up sessions are not recommended within 12 months, however, should a property have needed a vast amount of energy to be cleared, and not all of it was removed in the first session, another session could be arranged after six months.

What if I need to talk to someone after the session?

I’m always happy to arrange a post-property healing session phone consult. To arrange one, please contact me via email at or over the phone on 0409995738.


I’d love to hear how you found the session and any impacts it had on your property! Please email me with any feedback.


Land and property healing results vary across properties. No results are guaranteed, and any advice given is general advice only. Physical works on a property should only ever be undertaken by licensed workers. Geoffrey Williams is not liable for changes that occur to land or property in any shape or form once a healing has taken place.

What customers Say…

There has been an odd feeling in my house for a while, whenever my girlfriend came to visit she would never want to stay long as she always felt off. There was always this dreamy asleep feeling and things would often be forgotten or postponed. I decided to book in for one of Geoffrey’s house clearings. I noticed a difference straight away the energy in the house became lighter and clearer and it felt a lot less dreamy and more of an awake vibe. My girlfriend who is very in tune felt the difference straight away and enjoys staying at the house now which is good news for me! 😜 Elijah.