Compassion Key Healing

Thank you for your interest in Compassion key healings.

Compassion key healings are done by myself and are by appointment only.

To book and appointment please click HERE  You will be invoiced separately.

I hold space and guide you thru a compassion key healings through either a Zoom call, phone call, or messenger call.

I do really enjoy witnessing people shine brighter each time I work with them.

Here is how I work..

I facilitate and hold the energy while guiding you through a process. I create a sacred space around both of us, and I am with you and guiding you throughout the whole process. I can see, feel or sense what is going on as well.

This process takes you into the blockages, programs, karmic imprints, and other

things that are stopping your soul light from shining through to its fullest potential.

While we are in this space, we acknowledge and look at these blockages, programs, karmic imprints, and other blemishes.

Using a “figure 8” process we bring out this aspect of yourself and work with it using love and compassion and allow them to dissolve for good.

Love and compassion are the great neutraliser of all energies. This allows more of your soul’s light to shine through, creating more space for a better life.

How it works: Your soul light it shining through you. Imagine your life is a movie and you are like a lens on a film projector playing out your life movie.

That lens has distortions, cracks, blemishes, karmic imprints, programs, and other things on it.

This distorts the soul’s light as it shines through creating the current life (so-called reality) we are experiencing.

By clearing and clearing the lens bit by bit using the compassion key method, our soul’s light gets to shine through much brighter and clearer.

This can have dramatic effects on the life we are experiencing. Whether that is health-wise, financially, through relationships, or another aspect of one’s life.

The CK Healing are done via a zoom call, Skype, messenger video call or by phone.

You can book just one session or I would recommend booking a block of 5-10 done once every week or 2.

Booking in a block of several appoints opens a container to allow deeper healing as your subconscious knows it has support for many weeks of healing.

Prices are single consult is $200.00 payable in advance.

$950 for a block of 5 sessions payable in advance.

$1900 for a block of 10 sessions payable in advance.

You will be invoiced for the full amount once you make your choice of appointment schedule.

To book and appointment please click HERE You will be invoiced separately.