Dilution Rates

Miracle II Soaps

Dilution rates for green soap.

Foaming bottles:

Add 1/6 Green soap (regular or moisturising) and 5/6 good water. That’s 1 part concentrated soap and 5 parts good water. You can make this mix weaker or stronger as desired. 1 part Green soap and 2 parts good water is the maximum strength the foaming bottles can handle for hand, body and hair wash.: Use the Moisturising soap for dry skin.

* Don’t forget to always shake the Miracle II Moisturising soap before each use as the moisturiser will settle to the top, being all natural.

NOTE: you may need to use a much weaker solution for the face. Do NOT use the green soaps on your skin un-diluted especially the face. The Green Soaps come in a concentrated form!

Baths and spa baths:

Add 20 -40ml of either soap concentrate to the bath while running the water. Foot baths add 5ml of either soap concentrate.

Why have baths in Miracle II soap? Miracle II soaps are drawing! I believe after 20 minutes in the bath the pores of the skin are fully opened, allowing Miracle II to pull out tox-sins stored in the bodies subcutaneous fatty layer (some call the bodies 2nd liver) just under the skin

Green Soap: 1/6th solution. Amounts for different bottles are: For our 450ml Foaming bottle, about 75ml of soap and the rest water.  For 250ml bottle about 35ml of soap.  For 200ml bottle is about 30ml of soap and the 50ml bottle is about 8ml of soap.  Remember to pour in the water slowly and leave a gap of air at for the top foaming mechanism and shake before use.

* For oil spills or de-greasing you can use the green soap undiluted.

Regular Green Soap:

You can make up the following strength mix’s (spray bottles #1, #2, #3) for use on different applications as below:

#1. Light Cleaning: Use this on glass, mirrors, counter tops, stainless steel, refrigerators, fiberglass, leathers and plastic… 5-25 ml of regular Soap to 500 ml spray bottle of water (add water very slowly).

#2. Medium Cleaning: Dishes, floors, bathrooms, tile, cabinets, paneling, refrigerator, skin, carpet, spot remover, upholstery, stainless steel, fiberglass, automobile, mildew, soot on brick and stone… 25-50ml Regular Soap to 500ml spray bottle of water.

#3. Heavy Cleaning: Floors, grease traps, drains, pots, pans, dishes, hands, skin, ovens, glass fireplace doors, white sidewall tires, bad carpet stains, holding tanks on campers, clothes, wax stripper, steam cleaning, oil on carports, crazy glue cleanup… 50 -150 ml or more Regular Soap to 500 ml spray bottle of water.

See the “M2 user guide” and “How I use M2” sections for more applications.

Neutraliser (liquid)

This can be used straight (no dilution needed) on the skin, as a toner, odours, stings, bites etc etc for all skin conditions. Anywhere you would like to neutralise tox-sins externally and internally! See “How I use M2“. Neutraliser; Powerful enough to neutralise Cobra snake venom! Gentle enough for a baby. “this may be An emergency room in a bottle”! Take it with you everywhere.  (For topical application you can use the Miracle II Neutraliser Gel instead)