Success Stories



Black mould gone!

Seeing lots of things (like black mould in between layers of laminated glass on shower screen which I have never been able to get out), only after 6 days of us using the product in shower has now completely disappeared. I didn't even really think too much about that until yesterday when I went to clean the shower and noticed no more black stuff. I have now taken a photo of the glass in the other bathroom shower as it also has some black mildew on it. As we don't use this shower very often now, I will spray it daily for a few days and see what happens. Regards R.

Use in eyes

I use Neutraliser Gel in my eyes all the time. I have a Pterygium - it’s like a cataract and sometimes becomes inflamed and itchy, Neutraliser gel just stops it in its tracks. I love it and promote it to all my friends! R.M

Redback spider venom

Redback spider and M2 Gel story. Years ago, when my son was 2, he was bitten by a red back spider on his finger. In fact, the darned thing wouldn't let go and was still attached to his finger as he came running to me screaming. I called the local hospital to tell them we were coming in and started applying the gel immediately. Every 2 minutes, I applied a new layer of gel, rubbing it into the whole finger (pointer) and top part of his hand and his palm. By the time we got to the hospital 25 minutes later, the finger was red and swollen but there wasn't any pain. We were greeted by a stunned team of doctors and nurses who couldn't believe the results. We also brought in the spider as proof. We stayed a couple hours but discharged ourselves as there wasn't anything they could do. M.H

No more fungus

Could rave on about how great the MiracleII soap is around my house but the story I share today is spot-on topical right now for my health and well-being. It involves the Neutraliser which I make up myself from the concentrate sachets I buy from you. I use it for so many things, including stopping the smell from our grey-water tank! But over several days since the humid weather started I’d been suffering from itchy then painful Tinea with cracked skin between my toes. The usual garlic and tea-tree didn’t help much, then I thought of your Neutraliser. Once a day I poured it over and between my toes and after two days it went away totally. I'll repeat it for a couple more days just to be sure but there’s no question, the skin which was even starting to blister, has now cleared up completely… Thank you always for providing these miraculous products! P.B

Great for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and I make up a solution and wash my skin with it while I’m under the shower. Have been using same for over 12 years with no problems. Thoroughly recommend it. It is so gentle on the skin. And…The Miracle II Soap, which I buy in the gallon container, I buy yearly and use to do all my clothes washing. My husband has allergies from shop bought chemical clothes washing detergents but has no problems with the Miracle Soap II “detergent” and it lasts me for approximately one year. Well worth the outlay. I don’t use any other detergent… Thanks Miracle II - you’re the best!! M.P

Burn Scalding.

As I am getting ready this morning I keep remembering what I do with the products... Last week I was straining the boiling water off the potatoes and some of the water spilled onto my hand scalding it. It was quite red! I ran it under the cold tap then I put the Miracle gel on and the scald disappeared almost instantly. I showed it to my husband who was amazed! I also put it on itches. This morning I stabbed my finger with the point of the scissors while opening a packet. I put the gel on and covered it with the band aid. We also have the foam soap at each basin. So you could say that our home is a Home of Miracles. E.B

Feels like Nature

I was introduced to Miracle II by the son of a distributor. I stayed a night at his place and used it in the shower. I was surprised at how lovely it felt. Silky smooth and lovely neutral odour... I have had a serious neck injury, which affected my central nervous system and peripheral nerves. Since that accident I had become very sensitive to tox-sins of any sort and notice the static charge on many items of daily life. Miracle II had a neutrality that I had not expected. I felt like I was clean after using it and yet no sense of harsh chemicals or charge of plastics or other irritants. It feels like nature to me. So I've used it as soap and shampoo and hand wash and clothing wash. It made my hair so amazingly soft. I love it and have bought in bulk and shared it with my family. Thanks so much to the wisdom of the universe which has brought us this formula and to the kindness of the people who take the trouble to make and market it. Much love to you all. Kate M

Thrush no more!

Ladies, Neutraliser and gel….My story is a little bit embarrassing to tell, but I'm sure that there are other women out there that could relate to my problem and hopefully gain some good results like I have by me telling my story. I have had an ongoing problem with Candida (vaginal thrush), ever since being a teenager and this has become progressively worse throughout the years. Things got even worse after I had a hysterectomy and was put on massive doses of antibiotics after surgery. I have tried everything, from diets to douches and all types of creams and treatments. In desperation I started using the Neutraliser Gel every day by inserting it vaginally and actually trying to scrape out the candida with the gel on my finger. I did this sometimes morning and night for months and each time the candida was getting less and less until I then only had to do it daily and then weekly and now not at all as the thrush has all disappeared. I am so grateful to have found the Neutraliser Gel and actually tried this in desperation and to have it work is just life changing for me. T.L

Breast Lump Gone

Breast lump gone… Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product. I have been a user of Miracle II for along time but purchased 7X a little while ago and I wanted to tell you the results. I have been putting it on some sun spots and it has been fading them to almost nothing. Mind you it hasn't worked on some of the older darker spots. I also went to the doctor about a lump under my 
skin on my breast bone, she said I should get it cut out but I decided to put some 7X gel on it 3 times a day before I went to see the skin doc. Well over a few weeks the lump just totally disappeared. It has been 4 months and there is no evidence of it returning. I am totally amazed. R.O

Best baths

Literally the best bath I have ever had. I stay in there for at least an hour or 90 mins because I don't want to get out. Water has to go cold before I'm ready! I feel it's a spiritual experience every time. I could be having the worst day and after a Miracle II bath I feel like everything is good in the world... Thank you Miracle II for such an incredible product!!


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