Miracle II Neutraliser Liquid (3.8L)


Miracle II Neuraliser Liquid.

“The most complex mixture of natural minerals and organics that has ever been blended together”. The liquid version of Neutraliser is for external and internal use.

Miracle II Neutraliser does just that: it neutralises acids, chemicals, toxins, and more, safely and effectively. Liquid Neutraliser can be used for any human, animal, and gardening applications, and for home and industrial cleaning.

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What Does Miracle II Neutraliser do?

Miracle II Neutraliser does just that, it neutralises acids, chemicals, toxins, and more, safely and effectively.

Miracle II Liquid Neutraliser can be used for many things – for skin problems, sunburn, poisonous bites, to clean vegetables naturally, to de-toxify and balance pH internally. Endless uses!!

“This may be an emergency room in a bottle.”

Contains: Prayer, Electrically Engineered Eloptic Energised Stabilised Oxygenated Water – Ash of Dedecyl solution – Calcium – Potassium – Magnesium. And the anointing of God

General use: Use undiluted on skin, hair, windows, hard surfaces, fabrics, laundry, bedding, shoes, cars, gardens… anything water won’t hurt!

Trigger spray: Try adding the 50ml trigger spray bottle to your order for easy topical application.

Weight 4.5 kg

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.


All our Miracle II products are new and come in the original manufacturers packaging. We do not re-package or alter the product in anyway. Our products are manufactured by Miracle II LLC in the USA.

Use Guide

The Name says it all. I use this for neutralising tox-sins and synthetic chemicals externally and internally.

Use undiluted for all skin problems and conditions (including rashes, acne, burns, bites, stings, pain, arthritis, etc.), and as sunscreen, skin toner, hair gel… the list is endless. I believe this is an “emergency room in a bottle”!

Can also be used to clean vegetables, for the garden, pets, and agriculture uses.

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